Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eighth "Jesse Stone" movie to air on CBS on May 20th, 2012 at 9:00 PM

Benefit of Doubt is the title for the new "Jesse Stone" tv movie that's due to air on CBS, Sunday night on May 20th at 9:00 PM. The movie was written by both Tom Selleck and Michael Brandman (he also penned the Jesse Stone novel--Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues).

The story will center around Jesse trying to get his old job back as police chief of Paradise as he investigates a double-Mob hit in Boston. All the regulars will be back in full force as Jesse uses his coply intuition to get the job done.

Early last Fall, I heard from someone involved in the production of Benefit of Doubt that Selleck and the entire crew were trying to make this the absolute best of the "Jesse Stone" movies. The individual said he felt they'd accomplished that particular goal and were extremely happy with the final results.

I feel comfortable in saying the late Robert Parker would be pleased to know the "Jesse Stone" television series is moving forward with everyone involved trying to live up to his expectations. The entire cast and crew of the "Jesse Stone" television series are true fans of the character and want to do it right. My hat goes off to them for their passionate effort to keep the series alive.

A new "Spenser" novel is due out on May 1st. The title is Robert B. Parker's Lullaby. It's by Southern mystery writer, Ace Atkins, and the premise of the novel sounds damn exciting. Check it out on I'm anxious to read it.

Last, another new "Jesse Stone" novel is due out on September 11th. Michael Brandman (co-producer and writer of the "Jesse Stone" tv series) is the author of the new book.

Mr. Brandman received a lot of flack from "Jesse Stone" fans with regards to his last novel, Killing the Blues. I really liked the novel, but then I understood where Mr. Brandman was coming from as a writer for television. I read the book in that vain and found myself enjoying it immensely. I realize the format used in Killing the Blues didn't appeal to a lot of the fans, but I say to give the new novel that's coming out at the end of the summer a chance. I, for one, am happy to see the "Jesse Stone" novels continuing and being written by someone who loves the character as much as Mr. Parker did.


harry said...

I’m glad the Jesse Stone series is continuing although CBS may not be carrying the series beyond this one.

The Stone character is compelling and one many people can identify with; divorced, struggling with alcohol, dealing with what the clerk at the liquor described as “existential despair,” etc.

I’ve seen the many movies in the series many times and enjoy them very much.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Thank you, Harry, for your comments. I've a big fan of the "Jessie Stone" movies, too. I hope they will continue after this season. I don't care what station they appear on. Tom Selleck was made for this role, and I would like to see him do at least two-or-three more before he retires the badge.