Saturday, April 28, 2012

The end of this blog!!!

To the people who have continously read the postings here for the last two years, it is with a sad heart I announce the closing of this blog. Google purchased some time back, and this happens to be where my blog is located. Because of Google's purchase, many changes are now taking place with regards to postings, how they look, the editing of old postings, the checking of the blogs statistics, etc. In short, things have become more difficult, if not impossible. I'm all for change, but if something is working, don't try to fix it. I've spent over five hours during the past week in an attempt to figure out the changes here and how to make them work correctly, but no luck. An example: I just wrote a long posting, which is a review of the non-fiction anthology, In Pursuit of Spenser. This review is over four pages long. Until last weekend, I never had a problem in formatting my postings. I could indent the first line of each paragraph, or simply double space between the paragraphs. Easy to do. Well, it's not easy at all now. In fact, the changes won't allow you to indent paragraphs or to put double spaces between them. What you actually end up with is one incredibly long paragraph. Even I wouldn't attempt to read something like that. So, I'm tired of fooling around with this. I have to deal with changes at work every week that I'm forced to accept whether I like them or not. I don't have to deal with the changes here. I have a choice in this matter. Even after the extremely long hours in writing the postings here (200 postings over a twenty-four month period and nearly 10,000 hits) and my love of sharing information on fun books to read and DVDs to watch, I'm more than willing to walk away and to let Google delete it from the blogger website. I will still continue to write ocassional reviews on, Hellnotes, and my home page on Facebook, but not here. I thank all the regulars who read the posting here, and I wish you the best of luck with your life and endeavors. I'm now going to spend more time working on my short stories, novellas, novels, and screenplays. Maybe what's happen is a good thing after all.

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