Saturday, March 24, 2012

A few remarks about Angelina Jolie's bare-leg pose at the Oscars!

Like most red-blooded males, I'm strongly attracted to Angelina Jolie. She's not only beautiful, but a highly intelligent woman who goes after what she wants. Sorry, Jennifer. She's also a fabulous actress who's not afraid to tackle hard roles outside of the action genre. The Huffington Post asked Angie about her now famous bare-leg pose at the Oscars. Angie said she wasn't even thinking about it when she unconsciously struck the pose on television.

Yeah, right.

I watched the Academy Awards show and caught the famous pose when she appeared on stage to present the Oscars for Best Sound Editor. I think that's what it was for. Naturally, when she assumed her now famous pose, my mouth dropped open, and I immediately wished I was Brad Pitt. Then I thought about the six children with more on the way and decided looking was much better in the long run. When the men came up on stage to accept their awards and two mimicked Angelina by sticking their legs out to the side, I laughed out loud. It was perfect and funny at the same time. What Angelina should have done, though it's too late now, is to have walked over to the men and given them some better instructions on how to pose like her, which would have brought down the house. I think she momentarily felt insulted and that people were laughing at her. I noticed that immediately afterwards, when the camera turned back on her, the shot was from the waist up. We couldn't see any leg this time. She had the perfect opportunity to out do Billy Crystal and to gain some extremely positive media attention from the whole incident.

Let's face it, Angie is a lovely and very sexy woman. She knew exactly what she was doing with the pose, though she claims she wasn't thinking about it or even aware of the striking posture. Women know when they look good and when men are staring at them with their mouths hanging open. This is one of the facts of life. She gave the same pose out on the red carpet for the photographers. The pose was provocative as it was meant to be. She should have laughed the whole thing off and played along.

I know Brad was laughing in the audience when the sound editors struck their famous pose. Brad has a sense of humor. I'm not so sure about Angie. I know I wouldn't want her pissed off at me because I've seen her kick some serious butt in the movies. I suspect when she looked directly at Brad, he quickly closed his mouth and adopted a serious expression on his face to match hers.

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